Hybris hack…publish your hybris localhost

I can’t test the connection with the PSP (payment service provider) since my hybris site is local and the server need a public ip to respond… Google tag manager need a public site to be tested… I will commit this feature without SEO impact analysis since my machine can’t be scanned by an online tool, so let’s put some fun on production…

I have heard all these speeches during my last 5 years with Hybris and since i’m not a google CTO who have 25% of his time to do r&d stuff… Recently i’vediscover that there are a huge number of solutions that allows localhost publishing on the internet, here is 3 examples :

  1. ngrok : Free
  2. forward hq : Business
  3. beame.io : Opensource

And following an example of use :



Please share and enjoy!

Warning: use this for dev purposes only 😉

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