SAP Cloud Commerce code guard

Hi there,

I’m really excited to announce you the “SAP Cloud Commerce code guard” Intellij plugin.

Why ?

Make the SAP CC developer journey more easier !

What new features on the V1.0.2 ?

  • Lock any SAP Cloud Commerce module against edition : Intellij have no OTB feature to protect code against edition.
  • Gui for setting modules
  • Portable configuration by using XML files

How to use V1.0.2 ?

Step 1

Install the plugin from the marketplace from your Intellij IDE :

link to the marketplace :

Step 2

Go to setting and add the module to protect then click “Apply”

Step 3

The module “mymodule” are locked


Please feel free to send me any feedback about the plugin (new features to add, bugs to fix, etc…)









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